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Assessing rural constraints, risks and opportunities

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Our Environment
past, present, future

The natural environment is changing. Land owners are challenged by environmental events. Climate change is impacting on land viability and usage. Ecological factors influence productivity. Regulatory compliance obligations are increasingly costly and complex.


Disparate land and environment
data and insight

Land and environment information tends to be retrospective, incomplete and non-specific. There is a vast amount of regulatory data collected and stored in numerous locations. Agricultural scientific research is held in published papers; undigitized and inaccessible. Environment and climate information is often non-land parcel specific or costly to obtain. Financial decision makers use a range of disparate information sources to inform their decisions.


But there are opportunities...

Less than 200,000, of a potential 1.5 million hectares, is currently in horticulture, yet the economic return and environmental impact may be better.

Existing or planted forestry stock carbon offset and return on wood yield represent potential opportunities.

The Government is focused on unlocking under-utilized land.

Land owners are considering diversification to manage risk and respond to changing environments.


Quant AI Natural Capital Platform

Quant AI Natural Capital provides lenders, insurers, valuers and land stakeholders with independent, scientific, real-time data and insight.

Quant AI Natural Capital delivers an accurate picture of the changing compliance and regulatory constraints; water consents and water availability; historical and actual climate data, the potential for different types of horticultural crops; the potential for forestry and the current and historical natural capital assets - for every land parcel in New Zealand.


About Us

Quant AI is a data science business that has partnered with leading Crown Research Institutes and satellite companies to build New Zealand’s first independent natural assets insight platform for lenders, insurers, valuers and land stakeholders.

Quant AI Natural Capital is a user-centric platform that collects, collates and digitises land and environment data sets. It uses geo-spatial analysis and advanced algorithms to provide insight into land risks and opportunities.

Our vision is to deliver accurate, real-time environmental insight to assist rural land stakeholders make informed decisions specific to each of

New Zealand’s 2.2 million land parcels.


Make informed and robust decisions through independent insight specific to each land parcel – not based on assumptions and averages.

Stay up to date with land and environment regulatory changes and how they impact on customers and your aggregated portfolios.

Engage with customers more regularly with real-time, land specific, credible scientific information.


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